b_334_222_16777215_0_0_images_joomgallery_originals_pilgrim_fathers__rembrandtfestival_6_pilgrim_fathers__rembrandtfestival_112_20140928_2075282080.jpgMy website is designed to show you Leiden as you should see it. My hobby is documentary photography. I'm also still the "house photographer" Industrial Heritage Foundation of Leiden (Stiel) and one of the photographers for the Leiden Journal Church and specifically for the LBG, which is the Inner City of Leiden.

My photo collection contains over 90.000 negatives, photo's and a large collection of movies about Leiden. Let me know what you think about my website and visit my guestbook or send me an email. (see contactform).

It's possible when you click on a photo that the photo does not appear or you don't see the original photo. If this is the case, please send me an email by using the contact form and let me know the name and category of the photo. New photo's will be placed on a regular basis.There are 12 category's and if you click on a category, you can also choose to see a slideshow.  I received a royal award for all my photowork in 2018.

For the total overview of all the Leidse Almshouses and Gates check this map. click ons the link below:

Niek Bavelaar all Leidse Almshouses and Gates     

For all the pictures from the Pilgrimsfathers go to category:  Pilgrim Fathers + Rembrandtfestival